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Let me just say how happy I am about being a stay at home mom. At first I was a little skeptical about at home jobs before Covid-19 because in the past I was scammed. However when Covid-19 hit everything was shutting down and people was loosing their jobs. I came across a sign not to far from my home and it said work from home jobs and a website on it. So I searched the website and did some investigation. The best thing I did in a long time. I contacted the company, they told me that they were looking for agents to service on the arise platform. Not to get into too much details but it required a 4 week class. I took the class and passed it with flying colors. I am now making money while at home with my 2 kids. Thank you so much Bosses & Bossets Virtual for making my life less stress. 

Shana Rivera / Customer Service

Love the service glad I found this company. There is other companies to choose from as IBO's but honestly just about every company I saw the IBO fee was over 50.00.  So 40.00 IBO fee is a plus for me. I've done work with 2 other IBO's in the past and both companies took 75.00 IBO fee. Thanks Bosses & Bossets Virtual for responding to my emails and keeping me up to date with everything I need to know. This is truly the best IBO company I have worked with thus far.

Raevon D./ Customer Service Rep

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I had been looking for an at-home job for a while now and I finally got one. I started servicing the client that I had no knowledge about what so ever. I'm not going to mention the name but just know it had something to do with taxes. When I say I don't know anything about taxes I mean I don't know anything. So I took the class for about 4 weeks. It was very easy I paid attention and passed it. I am now making 15 an hour and it feels great. 

Kayla A./ Customer Service Rep

I think Bosses & Bossets Virtual is a great IBO Company. I haven't worked yet but I am in the process of taking the online class with II. To be honest I wasn't about to apply because I read everyone's testimonials and they was talking about a class. I can not go out and take a class because I have kids, but something told me to call and see what it was about and I'm glad I did. Like I said the only concern I had was the class. When I spoke to the owner she told me everything is done from home even the class I was like "ok let me try it. So here I am 2 weeks later taking a class that I know nothing about, but I'm learning and it seems very easy. So thank you bosses & Bosstes Virtual for giving me a chance.

Paul Damon

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